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life is a gift

Life really is a gift if you think about it. We all seem to take things for granted everyday. I know I do, and I have to remind myself to say thank you through out each day to the Universe. As I have done this I have felt happier, and more appreciative of the smaller things in life.

As I think about the future and how things are changing in the world, I have come to realize that there is nothing to worry about whatsoever. If you look at the universe in general, are problems are so small and not even worth worrying about.

You will look 1 year back and realize that it was such a waste of energy to worry over such a thing that seemed big at the time. Everyday is a day to make a difference for people. It’s a chance to make the world a better place.

Always count your blessings no matter what they are, and compare them to what others have that are less fortunate than you, and you will realize that life is not that bad, but a gift from God.

Smile today at everyone you meet or come across, watch their reaction. Nine times out of ten they will smile back at you. If they don’t, they will still be effective by what you did, they just may not show it yet. Make someone laugh and you will feel better, and they will to. It’s so simple yet always overlooked. It does wonders for everyone when people laugh.

I will continue to add more to my blog for you guys to give you inspiration everyday. Let me know things that you would like me to write on, and I will. Leave your comments below and questions, I will get back with you. 🙂

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